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I downloaded this game not knowing too much other than the fact that its a retro fps. Boy was I in for a ride, the fast pace action and the sword play, 10/10. I love quake / doom so this brought back fond memories.

Woow, a hard playthrough! thanks bro:)

Its a great game! love how it reminded me of Quake A+++ game

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Hey, I gave the game a go and it was an excellent nostalgia trip! It's a very well made game, that's a lot of fun and apart from it being kinda hard to find the yellow card key, I felt it was great.

The yellow card key forcing the player to backtrack kinda threw me, I hadn't needed to backtrack that far before so I ruled it out as a possibility at first. The vast majority of my playtime was trying to find the thing.

It might assist newer players, if the route there was somewhat sign posted? I don't mean in a 'this way to the yellow card!' kinda way but more like the door itself is sign posted but not the route where you find the key. I noticed a few people had this problem, it's why I felt I should bring it up.

I really like what's on offer. I'm really looking forward to the full game and I've made a video of the demo, to tell the people I know about the game. 

I heard a certain someone has been reducing the amount of videos on this game, so I thought I'd help boost it, hopefully get it back to where it was and beyond!

Keep it up! :D

Thank you for the video bro.

There will be some changes to the second level, making it easier for players to know their destination and more signs. And it's also the same for new levels.

And thanks for your support!!



This Game Was SOOOO Fun Can't Wait For The Full Game 

I'd Love To See This On Console's



I had an absolute blast with this one. So many old memories rushing back to me. You did amazing on this one. I made even a video about it. If your curious then you can check the video below.

Glad it reminds you of your sweet memories:D and thank you for your full playthrough

Yeah also no problem. I had a blast, Quite literally. xD

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Tl:dr Really fricken good game.

controls felt nice and smooth. The dash seems to fling me a bit farther than I was expecting but was easy to get used to. Might wanna tweak it or maybe not.

Sound was excellent. Guns sounded chunky and I like they have force behind 'em. Loved that enemies sounded unique and I could tell when they saw me, how many, and what types they were.

Map and graphic design were fantastic. I did get a little lost in the 2nd map trying to find the yellow door after I got the key. Found the arrow signs eventually. Might wanna think about adding a map to help navigate. Or it could just be me, I tend to get lost alot.

overall a really solid 8/10 pushing 9/10. Can't wait for more.

We support you good Devs! Stay strong fighting those liars.

gods be with ye.


Thanks bro for playing the demo! AND thank you very much for your support!! Really!

We are on your side.

Thanks for your support!

i got trapped on the first level at the lever part

The lever room in the first level? There is a ladder next to the lever. You can climb up to the attic of the lever room and you will find the entrance. Or you can download the latest version 0.612n, the ladder of the latest version of the lever room will be very obvious.

This game is so damn good. Definitely gives me those retro vibes, 

8/10 best game on that I've played so far, idc this game is a masterpiece except for the fact I don't know where to go half the time

Thank you, Good to hear!

I bought your game to support you. 


Will have to give it a try. Normally not my type of game, but given the whole foolishness you've got going on right now I decided to support you and will download it and give it a go.


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This game is so bad ass, I fucking love it. there is 1 bug I found which is for me, I found it when setting my resolution then trying to setup the sound, it went back to fullscreen & max resolution (based on my TV Screen)

I give this game a 10/10

-Great Ambience

-Gunshots sound awesome

-For a demo, really good enemy variety

-DooM/Quake/Classic Duke Nukem Vibe.

-For a demo, nice weapon loadout that you can obtain.

I will try to see if there will be an issue of automatic resolution recovery on TV screen. Does this problem also appear on the computer screen? 

Thanks for playing the demo and like it:)

Sorry, my TV screen is hooked up to my tower, the game resolution auto-adjusted to my TV screen. I set it back to 1600 x 900 & it was fine for the rest of the demo. Looking forward to your game being launched.

Cool! I will try to test it on TV screen later making sure everything works fine on TV screen:)

This rocks!

I'm a huge fan of Quake, Doom, etc. This is a great flashback game with solid controls. I find the bullet time slowdown something extra, its awesome to watch them explode slowly. The dash is great, I'm you will utilize some tricks with that ability in the full game. Looking forward to the full version. I want to try out other abilities you have in mind.

Thanks for making the game! Its the second game I played in the video.

Nice! Thanks man.

great feeling demo in that classic fps style, weapons felt punchy with nice visual and audio feedback. I could have used a map and i wanted a quick attack to break boxes without using ammo like duke's mighty boot or a pistol whip especially if i'd thrown the Katana's but lots of fun and potential for a full game. Reminded me of Dusk and Quake, good stuff.

Good to hear you like it, thanks buddy

could we get controller support please?

Yes, will do this part later

Fantastic throwback to early FPS games. The Quake inspiration is very obvious, but it was an appealing homage to a classic. I quite liked the dash mode and how you actually incorporated it into the levels. Kind of adds your own flavour to the genre.

One thing I will say is the levels feels very labyrinthine. The flow of combat often came to a halt as I found myself running back and forth along corridors and into rooms trying to find where to go next. Sometimes doorways weren't obvious (hidden in shadows, for example). Also, it took me a bit to realise I had to hold "jump" to climb ladders. A little hint would have helped there.

Other than that, I am very much looking forward to the full game. This has great potential. I will be keeping a close eye on progress.


Thanks for the suggestion and playing the demo. More landmarks or hints will be added later in the level design.


Its my opinion but, the bullet time adds no value to the game, its just a fun or rather, visual fun, some kind of reward, but not something that has impact on the gameplay like, dodging bullets or something because killing with headshots its not that easy especially with dual pistols and the time frame is slow. Secondly, its the shotgun. the shotgun is fun but its super OP it can kill enemies in long distance and it kills with only one shot, so that shotgun with two bullets was not necessary or fun at all it was just basically a slower shotgun. The most important thing is, however, lame level design. there was no visual clue about what things to interact, and what to actually do in the game ( UI/UX). one example that impacted the gameplay was that because the number of different textures are limited sometimes i felt lost about my location and just wandered without specific aim, especially underwater i felt annoyed because of lack of light or pure darkness or whatever. Overall i didnt finish the game because of poor level design but it has good potential i liked the combat.

This is bloody amazing, really took me back to old Quake games!

Thanks bro!

This. Is. Hell Hunt. You're a demon hunter who hunts demons for a living and it's time to clock in! Just like the classics this game was inspired by (Quake and Doom) the controls feel tight and combat feels great. Really. Great. I enjoyed this demo so much it even made me sing! (Not well though mind you) I look forward to playing the full game! Thanks T19Games!

Thanks for your gameplay and singing, both are great:D

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it will be free when release?

This game was really fun and i really enjoyed making this video becuase of it 

if you like how i did be sure to sub

Very nice gameplay bro:)

If you watch through out the video I get stuck in a place where it’s inescapable 

Is it at 6:10? If it is there, you can jump towards the wall direction first, where there is a small platform, and then jump back to the bridge. Maybe there is too dark, I should add a light there, thank you for reminding me!

No problem man it was good just keep making more I really enjoyed the game 

This is so much fun! Very satisfying gameplay, smooth movement, exciting combat. All around a great game! I had so much fun playing this! 


Thanks for the gameplay video, very glad to hear you like it:)

Всем привет!

Очень крутая игра, можете глянуть обзор, кстати:)

Всем пис 8-)

Oh thanks! My friend

An absolute ton of fun, I didn't think having to accelerate to move was a problem at all, mobility was good enough with the dash and jumping preserving your momentum. The slow-mo made for so many sick moments. I'll leave my game-play below! Rough but more detailed critique ~ 27:20

Thanks for the detailed suggestions buddy! :)


Just wanted to throw you a headsup. There's another developer of a different game called Hell Hunt who threatened our YouTube channel with a copyright strike if we didn't take down our video on your game due to some malarkey about not confusing customers with his game. Your game appears to have been named Hell Hunt before his, but he's claiming to have a trademark  and/or copyright on it. Just warning you in case someone is making a move on a name you have the rights to.

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Well, I've had one as well which was sent on a social network and I only read it (i normaly don't bother)  purely by random clicking but be careful everyone. What are your plans SpiceyWaffle? Leave the gameplay up, remove or just wait and see what happens?

What do the devs recomend?



* Just read this  which Interesting. Doe's this mean that as T19Games published this prior then doe's T19games own copyright to hell hunt?

* The claimant also states

PlayHellHunt YouTube 
PlayHellHunt Twitter 
PlayHellHunt Twitch 
Hell Hunt logo 
HH icon gif/still

And apparently you can't copyright phrases.

I loved this game. I hope you can develope a full version. I wish I could support this game. I can't support for now but I am definitely going to buy your game. I am going to support if I can. Gameplay is so good, it feels nice and smooth. The graphics look a whole and natural, it gives that feeling of old school. You can improve enemy AI, sometimes they behave weird. (I hope i didn't make too many mistakes. My english isn't that good and I usually don't do this kind of thing.)

starts at 18:10


Nice gameplay dude

theres noyhing wrong its perferct

Thanks bro:)

auto save???


You are able to press F5/F8 quick save/load in the latest version:)

Well, I played through the demo and here's my suggestions on the game:

1. Movement doesn't feel very fluid right now, there's a wind up before you start running at your full speed and a delay before you stop running. It's not a problem in combat, but is quite noticable outside of it

2. Enemy design/placement isn't particularly creative. Ranged guys should outnumber melee boys to force you to be more mobile and look out for more threats. In turn, melee ones need to be faster to be more of a hindrance when dealing with ranged guys. Spiders' damage is also quite low, you can practically ignore them as they probably won't even do 5 damage over the entire fight. You could also take after Dusk with how enemy grunts work-make them grunt only once per enemy type no matter how many of them are in the room, that would enable the player to identify the threats as soon as he enter the room and adjust their strategy accordingly

3. Rooms. This is kind of related to my 2nd complaint as the rooms are generally very claustrophobic and don't make for good arenas when your combat is so hectic and fast. Bigger fights are exceptions to this but smaller ones aren't

4. Setting. I really hope the rest of the game isn't going to be blood temples and swamps as that would get boring really quickly

5. Reloads. I don't feel like they belong in a quake-inspired game as the slowdown they bring breaks the fast tempo of the game

Generally speaking though, I liked the game. Locations are gritty and sound design is superb, keep it up!

Thanks for the suggestions, because this is just a demo, so all of the things are not final. The swamp and its underworld are only in the first episode, there will be more different area in the future. Reload there will be a weapon upgrade system in the next big update, something in that system is about reload.

I will keep testing the gameplay to polish the game. Thank you for playing the demo!

I played for a bit and I think you should make these improvments

1. better sword sounds

2. dont make the q animation of the sword so long, especially the throwing animation.

3. in the first level you need to get into a room with a lever that opens up a door that i've never seen, and it took me quite some time finding it. how about you put the door in a place everyone will see and notice, and then when they pull the lever they know exactly where it is.

Thanks for playing the demo, the ladder into the lever room in the first level has been changed in the latest version,  player can very easy to find the way in for now. Will keep improving the gameplay, thanks for the suggestions bro.

Great game I'd to play hell hunt on Frighten Fridays, excellent game (4 horror gameplay)..


Good gameplay bro, thanks!

You welcome!!! Bro


THAT GRATE GAME REMEEMBER ME IN DOOM AND QUAKE, your proyect are super duper cool and i can't wait to play the complete edition LET'S FUCKING GOOOO



Really cool and atmospheric game. It feels very familiar, but it doesn't fall into a clone category of any known to me game [I did not play Dusk, lots of people mention it here]. I also have not encountered any bugs or slowdowns. Since this is early in development, I will list a couple of quirks I did not like, and after final release will see if it's just something I has to get used to:

- pickups feedback - I often was backing up for some pickup cause I did not feel I took it, if there is audio cue I can't hear it well, which would be strange cause overall Audio design is pretty good [gritty sounds of mechanisms, monster growls etc.]

- being damaged - same as above, maybe I am just sensory understimulated, but sometimes took me a minute to realize I am being attacked/damaged by something :D

- pistols reload - kinda weird in game like this, feels like unnecessary slowdow. It also made me mash R on single barrel shotgun for no reason [or you should reload it too and I just found bug?]

- katana throw - very similar to pistols reload, throw requires too many buttons [1, Q, then LMB], and is rather slow, why not just throw on Q press, icon for it is displayed next to Dash anyway? There might be underlaying design choise for this that I just do not see

That being said, Hell Hunt is the reason I spent most of my gaming days on itch now. Something about independent development that brings out the best of creative stuff I seen in video games. Awesome game I will look forward to being released. Keep up the great work.

Hey there!

pickup feedback, actually it do has some audio reminder when you pick up something, it can't work?

Damage feedback,will improve this part later:)

Reload, it's not a bug ;) pistols and revolver need to reload but shotguns do not, it's a game setting.

Throwing katanas, because throwing katanas would cause a lot of damage and do not need any ammo. So this setting more like some sort of balance, but you can switch to throw mode first, and when you switch back to katanas from other weapon, you can throw immidiately. you just need buttons[1,LMB], weapon slot will save the mode of you weapon. On the other side, I will keep an eye on the throwing katanas.

Thank you very much for playing the game and the feedback, very helpful, and good to hear you like the game:)

Thank you for answering to my post. I have checked the throwing katanas again, and game does not save the state, always re-defaults to split katanas after cooldown.

I have also checked the pick up audio, and with high volume I can finally hear it. It's most likely my sound settings, where container breaking has higher pitch than pickup cue, and I dont hear second one over first with my current audio setup. Cheers.

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I like this game because it looks similiar to Dusk that I played years ago, this demo is also amazing! I liked it very very very much

Thanks bro!

This is very good game I have been looking for a game like this one and finally here it is. This is the demo, can't wait for the full thing to release. Two things that I would like for you to add in the video area in the settings/options, please add a graphics option [Low Medium High Ultra] this is because when I look in certain areas the game is very laggy. Another thing you should add in the video area is a resolution tab where you can change from for example 1280x720 to like 640x448. I know I said two things but I would like for you to fix the pistols because when I shoot there is a black line that pops up on the screen. Other than that this game is amazing!

Hey sorry for the less custom options, actually the full options like changeable resolutions has been ready in my dev-build, if you don't mind you could DM me on or email, I will send you the 'full options' version which can change the resolution. and can you telll me more detail of black line? What version did you play? The latest one?

shotgun porn?


Absolutely Top Notch. I really enjoyed the demo. The graphics are great. controls are good. Great weapons and mobs and the sound effects are spot on.  The overall playing area is pretty big as well so we can see you;ve spent some time on development.

Level 1 Gameplay

Level 2 Gameplay

Level 3 Gameplay

Boooo, there isn't one as there are only two levels in the demo.

Good Luck

wobblyfootgamer (or wobbly)

Nice playthrough bro! Thanks for playing and very happy to hear you like it:)

please finish it i realy want more levels i have played the same level 10 times thats how fun this is so please get on that i realy like this maby even make a lobby where you can choose what level you want to play but u have to have unlocked it to choose it or even multiplayer

Will have a new level in the next bigupdate my friend! Yeah, the selection level lobby, sounds not bad:)

wel thank you for the new level and its great that u like my idea thank you

This is very great shooter! it's how game DUSK in Steam, but even better! Developer, keep going!

Thank you very much, will do!

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I've just completed the demo and I have thoroughly enjoyed it. I don't see the point of me making too much in the way of criticisms here and there as this is still in development, so I'll focus more on what I liked in particular:

* Quite atmospheric (nice background low-key ambient audio)

* Rather good combat! It didn't seem just one dimensional and although I'm not bothered about bullet-time one way or another, I thought it lends itself well here. The way the sometimes enemies drop to the ground was also good for the most part.

I also liked the hit detection on the enemies as they did seem to react depending on where you hit them.

* Great level design and my kind of art/design style. The use of colour in some areas was great e.g. the blue corridor.

* Nice models of the enemies and weapons (especially the double barrelled shotgun).

If I was to hope for one or two changes to suit my personal tastes, then that would be for a quicksave function and flexibility to map your own keys, but I'm sure you're already aware of that. ;)

Also, the attack reach of the more dangerous enemies seemed a bit unfair but, as said, all  a work in progress, and I don't want to niggle too much. 

Btw, what did you use anything else to create this aside from Unity? I take it you need plenty of coding knowledge to make something like this? 

Great work - I will be following this as it's got very good potential. I think this was the most enjoyable gaming experience I've had in a while! I look forward to seeing how it progresses! :)

Thanks for your praise, means a lot to me. The quick save/load functions and custom key binding are ready in my dev-build. Will release in the next update. 

I also use Blender for modeling, animating, drawing, and Krita for some texture painting.

Thanks again my friend:)

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