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1. 2 words


- fast demons , more ammo found and dropped , and more guns

and will be a awesome 

I love this style of game ! thank you ! 


Really nice demo ! The artstyle & animations are really neat :p 
My only complain is it's easy to miss a jump  from a ledge and it can be frustrating. I recommend you to check about "Coyote time jumping" since it could fix this issue.

Great game. It is super fun and the guns are awesome. Congratulations!

fun game.

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Damn this environment art is insanely good and once the gameplay get's going it's really fun. The only thing close to a complaint I have is the shotgun and the revolver are so much more fun than the dual pistols I wish you got them a little earlier on. I'm really excited to see how things progress and I would personally love to see your art process or maybe a tutorial on  how you make textures...

Would be great to see a Linux version. Will try the demo and Wine and see if it's playable.

wow a new update ¿whats new? im for find out now


absolutely recommend! Amazing dynamic and bloody!

Add some phrases to hero like "COME ON GIRLS LETS DANCING" and more weakly nearest range enemies. For more fun and flesh!


What I Liked:

  • Gun Play is fantastic! I like the fire rate of the guns and how quick the weapon switching is.
  • The color signs were nice to have to show me an immediate path back to the door that requires the key.
  • The sword dash enemy is terrifyingly quick, well done!
  • The player character moves at a good speed.

Some wishlist items:

  • The cool down for the sword throw is already acceptable but it would be neat if it was faster or instant if the player went to the location where it landed and picked it back up.
  • Another neat thing would be the ability to deflect projectiles by swinging the swords at the right time.

Great job! Looking forward to future releases/content!

Thanks for the suggestion.

1. Will get something new about the cooldown about the throwing katanas in the future:)

2. Deflecting projectiles is good idea, I will put the ability in my head, thanks for the suggestion!

this game is amazing it really sticks to its retro fps roots while still branching out and becoming something new and engaging can't wait for the full game to come out highly recommend this game

Thanks for your recommendation bro!

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Okay, I noticed some issues with your game. I'll try my best to articulate them.

1. The player speed is too fast!!

     The map design is much too claustrophobic for moving at these speeds, making it extremely easy to miss all of the nice details in the map and get caught up on level geometry. Mostly frustrating.

2. The dash seems pointless and overpowered

      I feel as if the game only suffers from including this feature. The map layout has optional gaps that aren't traversable without using it. Gaps that could easily just be shortened or covered with a bridge. Taking the dash out of the game wouldn't change much in terms of fun factor because it's only situational at best in its current state. Additionally, the enemies are incredibly easy to dodge if you dash out of the way, (Even on the hardest difficulty)  so fights turn into a war of attrition very quickly with mostly backpedaling.

3. The bullet-time needs work

      It's a cool concept, but in practice, it's incredibly hard to engage because the enemy heads are so tiny, With that, There's not much benefit to using it, since the guns are already so effective. Instead of giving it to the player right at the start of the game, perhaps it should be in the last quarter. I don't know. It just seems out of place.

4. Movement is very stiff

       This one is a bit difficult to describe but, when coming down from a jump, you have little to no momentum once hitting the ground. It's incredibly jarring since you can't air-strafe, and build up speed like in Quake or source games. This one would need more testing if you decide to lower the player speed as well.  If there was a gradual increase which slowly brought the player to max speed, then that would feel so much nicer.

5. Repetitive enemies

       There are way too few textures for enemies. I suggest making more variations. Additionally, the enemy sounds are all the same per type. Should have more variation to prevent it getting boring.

Hey there!

1+2. because of the game main design core, and the charactor is a demon hunter, so the charactor moves fast and has some movement abilities. When you use dash proficiently, it is really easy to dodge enemy attacks, which is also a core of the design. On the other hand, for balance, the cool down mechanics was added. As the game progresses, dash will help you deal with more difficult enemies.

3. The bullet time mechanics will get more reward in the future:) 
4. Yes, will do this part later.
5. Upcoming more enemies.

Thanks for playing the demo and the feedback!

Gotcha! You're welcome. Good luck, friend.


I love how you're actually taking feedback to heart unlike most developers, good job my dude 

Thanks! This can really make the game polished better

Awesome game, cant wait for full version.

Good to hear buddy!

Great game, would smash again, I can't wait for the full version.

Thanks a lot!

sorry for this but,¿any cheats

every game every cheat excepting multiplayer games

Sorry, no cheats for now

oh ok

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Will HH become available on GoG when finished?  i kinda prefer it there for i see it being looked upon with fondness in the future.

Beautiful game regardless. may it continue on its path to become one of greatest retro games (along with the venerable Dusk and gorgeous Amid Evil), it certainly seems to have very good start with the demonstration here.

Yep, releasing on GOG is in my plan. Hope that everything is on the right track. Thanks bro!

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Speedy battle
Proper slow motion
good game

Thanks for the video, buddy!

Just played the demo. You're doing a great job! Honestly, the only critiques I have to offer is

!. Tighter switch responses. I found myself mashing E on levers due to the delay between pressing E and the lever actually moving.

2. Some kind of mini-map.

Keep up the great work! Will definitely purchase when it's available!

Thanks bro! Good to hear you like the game! I will check the mechanic of the switch control. And, there will be more maps coming up;)

Played the demo, I think this is a decent 90’s throwback shooter. I especially feel like with a bit of gameplay polishing that there’s potential with this game.  A few critiques and praises I would like to point out after finishing the demo (based on Hard difficulty):

  • -The sword ranged attack feels really satisfying to use, and I really like how it penetrates multiple targets. The cooldown period doesn’t bother me as I like the risk vs reward of using it.
  • -Movement during combat feels a bit stiff. I feel like it might be a combination of total lack of air control when jumping and the claustrophobic environments, but I tend to get caught on geometry quite a bit.
  • -It feels like dashing moves the player based on the direction you’re currently moving as opposed to the current input being held. It would help with effectively dodging if it functioned like the latter rather than the former.
  • -I don’t think that enemies are too spongey, but rather that it might help weapon’s feedback if there were a pain-state, or pain animations for hitting enemies. Damage values feel pretty good to me, overall.
  • -Reloading on the pistols feels a bit long for a relatively weak weapon. I’d recommend quickening it or even dropping reloading altogether.
  • -The charging enemy with the dual sword attacks felt off. I’d have times where he would charge through me and deal no damage, and other times it felt like he would strike me from way out of his reach (I had my FOV set to 90, which may have been contributing to this).
  • -I especially liked the level design so far, I appreciate the open-endedness and nonlinearity without going too hard on being mazelike. Well-hidden secrets too.

Overall, I think there’s a solid game foundation here. Combat and weapons feels satisfying and the levels are fun to explore. I feel like that if the above critiques are addressed that it would really improve on the core feel and combat flow of the game.

Thank you so much for such detailed feedback! 

Will test controllable on air, that sounds great. About the dashing control, could you please tell me more about it? Actually, for now, the dash does move along the direction base on your current input, unless input nothing (you will dash forward). About the reload of the pistols, there will be a weapon upgrade system added in the future, you can cancel the reload or something. The demons' attack range will keep adjusting until they seem more reasonable.

Thanks again for playing the demo, buddy!

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Sure thing. In the demo, the dashing feels like I have to wait for the player's momentum to essentially stop from moving the initial direction, and then re-accelerate into another direction before the dash corresponds with the new input.

Eg. I'm holding W to go forward, and then I want to suddenly dodge to the left to avoid an incoming projectile. I have to let go of W, and press A to strafe left, but I have to wait for the player to decelerate the forward movement completely, and begin accelerating to the left before the dodge will project me fully to the left (if I do this too early, I'll end up dodging forward with a slightly left angle).

If it's intentionally designed this way, then I'd say its no big deal, as you can still effectively dodge by quickly facing the direction you want to dash too (which ends up looking cooler for higher-skilled players anyway). It also might have to do with the player's movement acceleration, or maybe I'm just spoiled by how Doom Eternal does dashing, as it feels pretty instantaneous in that game. 

This game is great! Can't wait for the full version. My only gripe is maybe please add a map or a minimap button, because I keep getting lost, and since most of the environment textures look the same, I can't always tell where I am. I made a gameplay video of this on YouTube, but sadly I had to take it down because I got an e-mail from someone saying the title "Hell Hunt" was copyrighted. 

Anyway, great game! Would love to see more of it in development.

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Thanks for playing the demo buddy:) Will improve the level design to make sure the player easier to find the destination. Thank you for the feedback.

About the copyright you could check this, a SidAlpha's video talking about the thing I am being attacked by an asshole who send you the takedown letter:

I will say this is pretty fun, combat feels nice and satisfying, love the slow mo when the last of a group of enemies falls. Only small thing that I feel could be somewhat improved, was the UI with regards to the ammo count, as I kept mistaking the shotgun Max ammo for what I had actually had in reserve (when I really had zero shots), maybe having that information smaller? That said it's only a small issue I had, overall, looking solid, good luck with development and launch! 

About the UI of ammo, I will try to figure out whether it can be better! Thank you for the feedback bro! Really happy you like the game:)

No problem man, good luck! :D


First off: Excellent. Smooth as silk gameplay. The sprint mechanic is great and really helps you play with vertical puzzles/secret-finding. Bullet time worked very well and felt great. My only suggestions are small, personal opinions for tweaks.

1. Maybe increase the delay between when the yellow zombies see the player and when they fire. If you are too close when first spotted, it's nearly imposible to dodge.

2. It was sometimes unclear where to go with the keys - the lighted signs were great, but some more environmental cues saying "this is a key door" might help. Maybe I'm just blind, though.

3. Guns maybe feeling a little weak; this is probably a purely psychological/sound issue, since hits-per-kill I think they're pretty perfect.

4. I found myself not using the thrown katana, since if I was out of ranged weapons, only being able to use it ever 5 seconds or so was too slow. 

Thanks for the suggestions! Illuminate the important things like keys, ladders, doors or something is a good idea, I think I should do this part. There will be a weapon upgrade system later, you can upgrade the weapons' power or use their new abilities. The dual katanas is one of powerful weapons in hellhunt especially after upgrading(in my plan lol).

Thank you for playing the demo, really happy to hear you like it:D

Hello T19 Games I made a video covering your game on youtube. I really enjoyed playing the demo. Can't wait to see what the full game will be like in the future. Have a good one!

Nice video bro! Thanks for playing:D

Thank you and you are very welcome! Have a good one!!:)

I had the pleasure of reviewing your game on my blog and my youtube

Thanks a lot man!

You are most very welcome!

very nice game,I really liked the twin handguns and their rate of fire, felt bada** shooting enemies with them.

waiting for the full game 

Thanks bro!

Really enjoyed the 2 levels of the demo. But I have a problem with the shotgun/super shotgun. The shotgun already one shots most enemies so the super shotgun feels unnecessary. Also the shotguns only hit 1 enemy per shot, which is more noticeable on the spiders. Maybe making the super shotgun have an actual spread and hit multiple enemies could make it feel more rewarding for clearing rooms. Other than that, the weapons feel great!

Thank you for playing the demo! Between the shotgun and SSG, when more kinds of enemies join the game, they will become more different, and there will be a weapon upgrade system later. Thank you for your suggestion, buddy!

I really enjoy this game and only have 1 main issue, being the Katanas. My issue is that the animation for a single click is way to long and its hit box lingers for a notable time after the swing animation. I think a simple fix would be to cut the animation in half and make 1 click 1 swing and it just cycles between a left swing and a right swing. Besides that i think the game is amazing I hope you keep up the good work!!

Thanks the suggestion, the attack of dual katanas will be changed to 1 click 1 swing in next update! thanks for playing the game buddy.

Such a fun game, i love it!

Thanks a lot man!

I had the pleasure of reviewing your game:

Yes! Thanks bro:)

You are very welcome!!!


such a good game so much fun 

So fun! Thanks for the gameplay part 2 :D

Cool shooter, brought nostalgia for the classic PC games.

Woow, thanks bro!

This is probably one of the best things I've played all year. The action is fast paced, the guns are punchy and they all have their uses, even the pistol. Also, the low-fi pixel textured environments are really nice to look at in that.

I played on normal and the difficulty was spot on for the most part.

If I had any suggestions, maybe have some way of staggering the bigger enemies or breaking their charge. Maybe make some of the more powerful weapons like the double barrelled shot gun and revolver?

Also, I'd love to see more outdoor levels. I think the outdoor section was probably my favourite.

One last thing, I found 2 of these little maps, one was out in the open and the other in a secret passage. I thought they related to some kind of puzzle in the big prison room right before the yellow door but if it was I couldn't figure it out and their didn't seem to be any feedback on anything I tried.

Thanks buddy!

Dash is one of the good ways to stay away from the big guys. And attack range of the big guys will be been adjusted to make it easier for player to avoid their attacks. More powerful weapons will be obtained in subsequent levels. Actually Hellhunt is not a dungeon FPS in my plan. Yeah,  definitely will get more outdoor level later. The 2 little maps are related to cell doors of the big yellow door room, if you did right, it will be happened ;)

Really fun demo!
It was a bit easy but it is just the first two levels.
My only criticisms are the second level is a bit sprawling and all the conjoining paths you unlock can make it hard to navigate, finding that yellow keycard room too me the most time.
Assuming you don't already plan on adding it, some impact noises for the swords are direly needed on walls and things.
And the platforming can be a bit wonky.
The short jumps are actually the hardest because you can either way over shoot them due to the physics or severely under shoot them.
It wasn't a huge hurdle to overcome but it did make it feel a bit clunky.
Other than that the weapons all felt great to shoot and the enemies were satisfying to take out, love the aesthetic of the graphics and the music when it was present! (also add some more music)
Wishlisted on steam and can't wait to see more of this.


The second level will get a big change in the next update. Some detail things like sound effect will keep being added in further dev progress. The jumping part involves some game mechanics, so I will continue to see if I need to modify it based on feedback. Music will be added to the game, but not in the near future.

Thanks for playing the demo and your suggestions!

Listen, this game is amazing and fun. Probably the most fun game on I highly recommend this game for anyone, legit ANYONE who wants a fast paced game and some secrets and challenges. Oh, I also did a gameplay if you wanna check it out.

Just watched your video, very nice, thank you bro!

No problemo! I'm looking forward to the full release! I'll make sure to do a full playthrough of it!

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I've just created an account just for this game! I just played the demo and it was so unbelievably good. Sure, it feels a little unpolished here and there but overall, I think this game has so much potential and it's already so much fun! The weapons feel good, the map design is great and the ability to dash is very helpful and puts some more speed and depth into gameplay (which I like). I've posted this page in several forums and on Facebook and I hope I can help you with that.

Of course, I would LOVE to see this game on GoG one day (yes, I'm THAT guy :D )

It means a lot to me, thank you my friend. See you on GoG :D

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Yes! I'm looking forward to playing this game the -minute- it is released!
(Did I mention that the bullet-time feels really cool? :D)

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The gameplay is incredible! Movement feels great, guns feel AMAZING, I had a little too much fun with the shotgun! I am confident in saying that, with more polish, levels, and guns this game could REALLY be something! I did notice, when being attacked by the big demons, they would run at me, I would dodge, and while I am a good distance away, still get hit by them. That's really the only issue I had with the gameplay. I'm definitely going to keep my eye on this project, and get this bad boy wishlisted!

The attack range of the dual sword demons is not final. Actually, it is constantly being adjusted. I hope to find a good balance.

Thank you for playing the demo, good to hear you like it:)

Great game 4 stars and that is really goodconsideringfortnite is two and minecraft is 2. Your up there with farpoint!(4 stars)

I have never rated a game 5 stars maybe you will be the first!

I will keep polishing the game, hope that it becomes your first 5 stars game ;)

It might be and i really enjoy it so possibly. 

Gave it  a go...


Oh thanks for the suggestion, the music will be added in the later update, it would not be recent, but it will definitely be there in the final version. The katanas mechanics will also be changed later.

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