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Really awesome game! The only issue I have with it however, is that there is a known bug in the game. Every time I go on the lift I keep getting killed for unknown reasons, which doesn't make it any easier on completing the demo.

But nonetheless, I see a lot of potential on this project. Can't wait for the full release.

Really sorry for the elevator kill, it's buy, feel free to DM me on, I will send you a build to fix this.

Sure thing, thank you very much! :)

Really cool game. Feels really good to control . one thing i would say is it needs music.

Woow, nice show, especially the dash+shotgun combo, really exciting! And got your suggestion:)


Nice demo and premise to the game. I love the level design on level 2 as well. I feel as if the movement speed could be a tad bit higher though and that the shorty could be a little more consistent. Over all, I’d rate the experience 8/10.

PS. I also have a question: Is there a full character model/drawing for the Demon Hunter?

Yes, will keep testing the movement speed until got a good balance. And the character image of the Demon Hunter will released at the stage of early access.

Thanks for playing the demo and your feedback, bro!

love this game i kinda feel like im playing doom 2 but with a more amazing graphics and gameplay i cant wait for this full release i would literally buy this game

Thanks for playing! Nice play through buddy!

wow nice vid btw

Really incredible stuff. Yet ANOTHER FPS that's on my list, lol.

♥ Level design is really great, just had trouble with finding the Yellow Key Card in the second level.

♥ The feel of it is fantastic. It's smart to give the dash a cooldown time, otherwise I'd use it way too much lol

♥ I feel that there could be visual feedback to indicate when the player takes damage. I felt way too badass to think that the baddies could do anything to me, but there were a couple time I went below 50hp.

♥ Oh, and I love the atmosphere. Love the ambience of the place without it.

Thanks bro! Yep, will optimize the take hit effect later buddy. Thanks for reminding me!

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10/10    - IGR

So happy to hear! Means a lot to me:)

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hey also could you optimize hell hunt for low end pc so everyone can have a smooth experience please -IGR

Yep, definitely will do this part later, Now I am not sure what the minimum computer requirement will be, but I will try to optimize and add some graphics options, so that low-end computers can also perform better.

Hey! This game is a blast. I can really see the inspiration you've taken from Dusk. Everything runs smooth and solid, and all the mechanics were amazing. I would really like to see how far this project will go and i would totally buy it. 

Thanks you so much buddy:)

Made a video


Nice show you guys! Love it!

Hai, I like the game, but I have a question. Do the elevators in second map supposed to kill you? I mean the grate ones, like ones that are near the yellow arrow signs. Or am I supposed to find something to stop them from killing me?

Hey, if you got killed while the elevators going up, that is a little bug appeared in few computers, will fix in the next update. Sorry about this buddy. But if you stand below the elevators, they will crush you when they going down, which is not a bug.

Ok. Thanks. I really was afraid that I just didn't found a keyhole to put the yellow key in. I only have  problem with the elevators killing me when I travel up on them.

Sorry for this, feel free to DM me on, I will send you a build to fix this. Sorry again

This game rules! Seriously. It's one of the best indie games I've ever played, if not THE best. I got pretty far but didn't beat it yet. I would definitely pay money for the full version. I don't even care what it costs.


What a high rating! Thanks bro!

I Really like what you're doing here. If it is so strong in the long run as in the Demo i will pay 30 bucks for it. 40 if its really outstanding. One suggestion or feedback. Please build in an option where you can turn of the bullet time. It slows the game to a crawling hold. The Game is not the fastest to begin whit (what is absolutely fine) but this effect really kills the flow of the game. I will track the progress on every step you do. Nice greetings from Austria.

Glad to hear buddy! Will get an option to turn the bullet time off in the next big update. Thanks for your feedback!

Hey! I'd like to try this demo but is a little lacking in the system requirements department. My PC is an old thing that still runs on WinXP (32-bit). Can it run the game?

Hello buddy, the build on itch now is only for 64bit system. Could you please DM me on , I try to build a separate version for you, but I didn't start to optimize the graphic part, so I am not sure your system can run it well, if you don't mind:)

My email

This game is a masterpiece!

Even at this demo version point. I really liked level's design, secret areas, especially super one=).

I enjoyed the balance between enemy's amount and space: there are halls pretty filled with them, and at the same time there are empty rooms. So I haven't feel too exhausted or boring.

Graphics looks very nice, I was impressed by water textures. But, as for me, graphics must be more smoother, and not so pixeled, you know.

Demons are also good. Hope it will be more than 4 species in final version. There are some bug with yellow zombies with riffles: at first level, when they trying run to player, but he hides round the corner, zombies are disappearing and teleports to their spawn place. I'm not sure, but guess, it shouldn't be so. Also a few times these zombies shoots me through the walls.

Another kinda unique feature is katana, and it's modification. Maybe, player shouldn't start game with pistols as well, just for making a dozen melee kills.

Also having torch will be very helpful sometimes, especially around the dead-ends of corridors, where it's very dark. Btw, I stacked in one of them.

And, of course, book-look-liked keys! It's awesome. If they will have some description with strong plot's reference, like in Serious Sam for instance, but not so boring like there, this shooter will keep player tough till the end of game!

Also, secret's counter will be pretty comfortable feature.

Ok, I think it's enough for first impressions. I just fell in love with this game from the first sight on youtube, and haven't disappointed while playing it! I really appreciate your work, T19Games and wish you enough luck and energy to finish HellHunt!

Waiting for new updates and release!

Thanks buddy!

About the demons disappearing, it's not a bug,  demons will teleport back to their original positions when player leaves from their sight for a period of time. The length of time may be slightly shorter now, and it will be adjusted later based on feedback. Did you remember where they shoot you through walls? I would check it.

About the dead-ends, maybe I should place some faint light at the dead-ends. 

About the keys, did you mean need some storytelling or addiction ability when you get a key? ( sorry my suck English). But it reminded me maybe I should add a msg sort of  'Got a red keycard' when player got them.

Thanks again about the feedback my friend! I will keep pushing Hell Hunt getting better:)

Answered you via e-mail. 

this game is the best FPS game i`ve ever played in my hole life! Thanks so much T19games! (sorry for the weird lookin thumbnail i had to make it lighty a bit but that`s what i just got)

Wonderful hard mode playthrough man! Thank you so much for such high rating! :)

You welcome, I wasn't expecting to win the game on hard mode, but it really was fun on easy normal and hard

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Awesome!  So far, it looks and plays really nice.  There's plenty of room for improvement (I haphazardly go over various things throughout my stream), but that's to be expected from a proof-of-concept demo.

Looking forward to further updates!  Best of luck!


I saw the vid, good playthrough! Some points which you mentioned in it have been marked :) thanks bro.

this is sooooo dope I hope to play the full version at some point keep up the good work

Good to hear! Thanks buddy.

Overall I like the game so far. 

The weapons feel satisfying, with their chunky sound effects.  

The bullet time is fun when you can dash around and pull off head-shot combos. 

The graphics and art design are very nice, although a little dark at times. 

The enemies are nicely designed, and you can tell what they are from a distance, and with their sounds. 

My only complaints are the lack of a soundtrack, for parts of levels. (The parts with a soundtrack make the enemy encounters feel more intense.)

The movement feels a little bit slower without the dash. 

The walking sound effect can get a bit annoying at times especially when your lost and trying to find how to progress. 

Health Item pick ups feel a bit too common, making the game a bit easier. 

The game is great so far, I had so much fun with it. Can't wait to see the final product.


Thanks for your feedback!

All music and sound effects will be optimized at some point in the future, such as walking sound, etc.

Did you play the latest version(0.611h) or the older one? The new one has speed up the moving speed a bit, actually the speed of the character I will keep an eye on it, until it becomes satisfactory.

Health item:  I will optimize each difficulty in the future when the demons and levels reached a certain amount to make it more balance.

Thanks again buddy!


Better luck next time, I guess

Looks really nice, but that's about it so far. The complete lack of options, except for mouse sensitivity is unacceptable for any kind of release. The game is extremely loud. has an oppressively low FOV, and awful Mouse Acceleration. Escape does not pause the game. Bullet Time is useless since it seems that every weapon's recoil or cycling takes longer than it lasts. I'm on hard, and it takes 5-7 pistol shots or 3 shotgun shots to kill on headshots, but I've also never gone below 70 health. Movement is very clunky, and the levels so far a amateurish hallways and boxes. There's no "previous weapon" button, because Q is bound to a single weapon's alternate fire mode that also sucks. It's a throw spear, with a long windup, travel time and regeneration; inherently useless in a game that's trying to be fast paced. Barred doors with large gaps are actually solid walls.  Jumping is sluggish and unnatural feeling. Most combat is either walking backwards or peeping around corners. Enemy models are both boring and ugly. The basic melee weapon's basic attack is 4 slashes that lasts several seconds. There's no indication of what in the world is interactive and which isn't, let alone what will be after an arbitrary flag. Some parts of the maps are completely black, and obscuring essential paths.

I stopped trying to play this while writing it because I was getting an actual headache from it. Hopefully these issues can be stamped out, because we could always use more boomer shooters.

Skeleton model's pretty good, though.

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Dannnng ain't it always cool to criticize free indie content? "unacceptable" lol.


Literalle only one guy working his heart out into this, actually let me guess very quickly what you'll say: "hurrr durrr only criticism allows you to go foward hurrr durr". 

Could as well also called him a bitch too, I think you missed that lol.

Dusk was made by a single person  2+ years  ago and it didnt make any of these mistakes; likely because it had an experienced producer who would actually point out flaws and problems. I'm sure that's this developers intentions when he posted an alpha release with a comments section. 

If you feel so strongly that extensive criticism is invalid, why do you think that white Knight defense is valid?  Its just a free game bro it doesn't matter if it's good or bad, apparently.

If I never posted that, there was a very slim chance this game would ever be something I liked. But now there's a  chance that I, and people that have the same tastes and standards as me, will really like this game when it comes out. Otherwise we'd just ignore it or warn people off it. I want this game to be as good as it can. I want to make my own game like this one day, and I don't want a portion of my audience to have issues like this, but I'd never know how I wasn't told about it.


Wording makes a lot of difference in whatever the hell you say, that's what differences shitty criticism from good criticism. I completely support honesty in someone's opinion, but being an asshole saying stuff like "amateurish", "models are boring and ugly" and "unacceptable for any kind of release" doesn't help in any sort of way.

Dusk's campaign was made by a single person across a timespan of 3 years, this guy is just starting his journey and wanted to present us his game.

EvilTomato, youre a hero. Glad you put this full of himself bash critic in his place.

Yeah I was a little mean but I don't owe the dev an extremely polite, toothless review when the demo I played was loud, annoying and gave me a headache from the FOV. He isn't going to shatter into a million pieces. 


Wow.. I think Fortnite is more your style, Karen.

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Completed the full demo. First retro shooter I've played that truly carries the tone of Quake 1. Overall I really enjoyed Hell Hunt and think it has a lot of promise.


  • Weapons and animations are all solid
  • Consistent tone and style
  • Enjoyed the grim environments and enemies
  • Many sounds are amazing with a good pair of headphones; swimming underwater was my favorite.
  • Loving the simple HUD that features ammo count for all weapons. Something I've always wanted but haven't seen before.
  • Secrets are easy enough to find


  • I know the game is called Hell Hunt. But the navigation leaves much to be desired. Second level took me over an hour. A minimap or redesign could really help.
  • Bullet time doesn't seem to last long enough to get any real use.
  • Almost all enemies are humanoid. An enemy like Quake 1's Fiend would work really well in a game that features bullet time and dashing.
  • I enjoy ambient in games (Doom 64, WRATH: Aeon of Ruin) but the soundtrack feels non-existent. Never heard any obvious music till Level 2's fight. Something like dark ambient, with intense music during big battles could work well.


Thanks bro! 

Some guides will be added to make players more clear about their destination, and there will be some map changes in the next big update.

More enemies of different types will appear in later levels. And not necessarily humanoid.

The music part will also be optimized at a later point in time.

Thanks man! One thing I forgot to mention. For how many breakables there are, it would be cool if some featured small amounts of ammo or health.

Actually the breakable things drop small amounts of ammo at a random rate now. Will feature small health in the future:)

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playing it right now and i can immediately tell you i don't like that you can't dodge up ramps, and since the games ground isn't always perfectly flat, that's a big issue. game seems fine other than that so far.

Thanks for feedback, dash has been improved in the latest version, now you can smoothly dash on bumpy ground:)

it's much better now! thank you for fixing that! this is a very neat game!


I realy liked the game. I did get lost a couple of times so something like survivor sense that lets you see objectives and progresion items would be realy helpful but you could togle it on and off so that it wouldnt be anoying. Also how do you get past the part in level 2 where you have to dive underwater for the first time is there some kind of switch hidden underwater? Overall i would rate the game 8/10.

Thanks buddy! You will reach the right path after get cross underwater. 

Hell Hunt will keep improving better, thanks for your feedback!


I really like what you've got so far. I feel the overall speed of things could be increased a bit to help nail that Quakelike feel.

It seems like any small bump in the ground will cancel out the dashes momentum, which happens often when just running on foot.

Slow mo doesn't seem to last long enough to actually gain use out of it.

I absolutely love the artstyle you've got going on. I've been learning Unity for a couple months, and would love to know how you got the almost exact quake like feel to this with the pixely wall textures without smoothing.

An option to have weapons be centred like older shooters would be nice as well, but I realize that's a niche kinda thing.

Thanks buddy, dash has been improved in the latest version.

Click image>filter mode>point , texture will run under pixelate:)


Very fun, gonna keep my eye on this one. Only thing for me is the katanas feel a bit sluggish and unsatisfying. Not crazily so just a bit.

Got you, thanks bro!

What I'd fix:

  1. More visually standing out active and otherwise important objects, like ladders and such.
  2. Maybe make katana an off-hand weapon, like in DemonSteele?
  3. Speaking of gzdoom mods, check out Guncaster and Traliblazer. Lots of good ideas there.
  4. Katana and pistol feels unsatisfying. Maybe add windup to katana and reduce ROF for pistol(s), but make them oneshot things?
  5. Sometimes it's hard to figure where you are shot at from. Add the indication of damage direction.

Hey buddy, Thanks for your feedbacks! Will enhance the lighting of the stairs to make it more obvious, unless it is a secret place. Will have some change about the speed of Katants'swing in the next update. The indication of damage direction, I will take note of this and include it in the consideration list.

One Question please, can you PLEASE Add to your game a option called fast, with this fast option I will be able to make the game movements fast with no lag, please update it and add the fast option

Hey buddy, could you DM me about the details I will send you a separate version for your issue for testing.

Or my email:


Hey man, you got some really cool stuff going on here. 

I love the atmosphere, and the level details. It was a real pleasure just being in the environments. Really digging the vibe, especially in the lower parts of the second level. Nice job dude. 

I'd also like to praise the animations and look of the weapons, i think they're quite nice. I wouldn't object to an old school (Doom, Quake 1) POV option for the weapons, but i'm getting ahead of myself. Being able to throw the Katana was a very cool touch also, though i only found myself using it against the larger enemy variant. 

Also, i'm a fan of how you used ambient noises instead of a song, until the showdown in level 2, where the fight music kicks in, to really give it more of an impact. 

I'm sure you've thought of, or taken in to consideration most of what i'm about say, but i figured i'd give you my immediate thoughts on what could be tweaked or changed after playing the demo. 

- I think the game could benefit from having a slightly higher movement speed. So the game definitely has a horror vibe to it, and i assume you don't wan't players to feel too empowered. But i found myself getting very frustrated when i got lost, and had to search around the levels, due to not moving as fast as i'd liked. I'm sure it's a tricky balance to get right.

- Thoughts on dashing. So i LOVE dashing as a mechanic in fps games. I think it can really at layers to the gameplay, and i'm happy you've incorporated it as a core gameplay pillar. I'm not sure if this is deliberate or not, but dashing really only feels reliable in the air and not as much so on the ground. I mean yes, it WORKS on the ground, but the distance seems to vary quite a bit, sometimes my character barely moved if i didn't also jump. It just had an unsatisfying sense of momentum to it, and a feeling of inconsistency. I´d much prefer if the dash length was a fixed distance on both the ground and in the air, or if it was just fixed on the ground, and in the air your momentum would still carry you forward after the dash itself has ended. 

- The game might also benefit from having switches and ladders colored or lit in a way that stands out a bit more. I definitely didn't notice the first ladder in the first mission by the fence, with the switch behind it. I ran around for quite a while before spotting it. The same happened with some switches.

- In the lower parts of the second level, when the music kicks in, and there's a few waves of enemies to fight, i noticed that you take damage from standing on the red grates on the floor. I took me a while to realize why i was taking damage. So i think it might be good to communicate more clearly in-game that those things damage your health. Or just not have them damage you idk. 

- I definitely understand why you WOULDN'T do this, but while playing, i did think to myself, that a flashlight or lamp mechanic might be beneficial. Some of the areas are very dark, and i had some trouble finding my way around in them. Maybe if you couldn't use weapons while holding the lamp, it'd fit with the vibe and balance of the game. Though honestly this could be dealt with a dozen other ways, and might not end being an issue when more video settings are added.

- In the second level, i ended up getting stuck in this spot. With no way to get myself free. It might be a good idea to add an invisible wall here, so that players don't get stuck. 

Anyway, those are just some thoughts. Really enjoyed the demo, and i can't wait to see how this turns out. Good luck finishing this thing. 

Thanks for the detailed feedback!

1.Will put some landmarks make players know more about their destination. This part is still in balance. And also, dash is a good ability to speed up your movement from a place to another:)
2.dash will continue to improve to make it have a better experience.
3.The damage from the red grates on the floor, yeah, just like stand on some torch, when you are hurt once, you will know that it will hurt you, but considering that, the harm of the red grates is actually very very low.
4.About the lamp, This may be due to the problem of map guidance. In addition to adding landmarks, some important places will be strengthened lighting in the future. But it may not be added to the lamp or flashlight in HH, because there are rarely doors or roads that are completely dark and require lighting to find.
5.It will be fixed in the next update.
Thanks again and will keep improving the gameplay:)

i am very happy that this game is returned! the best FPS pixelated games i´ve ever tryed! great job!

Thanks bro!!!

nice game, very nice


Any way to invert the mouse y-axis?  Default doesn't work in my brain so until it's implemented I'll be looking forward to playing this. 

Yes, will open more mouse option in next big update, includes the invert mouse.


Excellent. Game looks really good and since it just got the gman seal of approval on Twitter I'm definitely keeping my eye on it.

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I'm really digging this. How many levels do you have planned? Also, just a little nitpick about the gore: the blood decals have to spawn on a completely flat wall for them to look right. If they spawn on a pillar or on the edge of a wall, for example, part of the decal is suspended in the air instead of being flush with the level's geometry. Will this be addressed, or is it not fixable?

Thanks buddy! The demo is only a small part of the game. I can't say how many levels there are, but the game flow will not be too short in the plan. Regarding the decals in the corner position, if the corner effect of the decals is achieved, it will spend additional graphic resources. In order to make it run well on some mid/low-end computers, this effect may not be changed, sorry for this part.

Very good impression overal. Gunplay and controls are already pretty nice, with some polish and refinement they should be perfect. Visuals are excellent and design is consistent. It's easy to tell one enemy from another, altough the tanky grey demon threw me off a bit the first time I encouneterd him. I took him for the regular melee guy. 

There's way too much ammo on normal mode - more limited resources might result in a more tactical approach and more interesting gameplay. But it depends what you're aiming for. 

The level design rewards exploration but it's perhaps a little too complex and confusing. I first stumbled right at the beginning because I didn't notice the ladder next to the gate. There were multiple times when I had problems noticing buttons and corridors. On second level I got so lost that I gave up. It's good that game lets you figure out stuff but I think finding a way through the level should be easier than finding secrets. 

I like the katana alt attack - the cooldown would be a good idea to use it strategically, if there wasn't so much ammo lying around at player's disposal. Also - since katana has an alt attack, are you planning on adding alt fires to other weapons?

I'm not entirely sold on the bullet time. It sounds cool but I don't actually feel the effect during combat. It feels very random when it happens, especially upon killing last enemy in a fight. It might make more sense to have it as a colldown ability under a hotkey. And maybe if it for example turned hitscans into slow moving projectiles for the duration of the effect. Then it would make sense to put high damage hitscan enemies into the game. 

I never once used dash in combat situation. I only used it for backtracking and obvious platforming segments. It could be a really good tool for quickly reaching high priority targets, especially combined with bullet time. If there were hitscan enemies dashing could be used to make them miss.

Enemy infighting is always a nice feature - something to consider:) 

Spiders - adding small, fast enemies with tiny hitboxes to the game is risky - people usually hate them with passion. So keep that in mind and make sure to give the player some good AOE weapon that would make them lot less annoying:) And since you already have spiders, add some giant buffed versions of them for the sake of variety!

There might be some optimisation issues as well - Game runs below 30fps on my PC - which is far from high end but in the same time game does not seem to have dynamic lights (aside from muzzle flashes), ssr or any other expensive effects that would explain this. 

Thank you for such details!

About ammo on normal, yep I will keep testing ammo resources in different difficulty mode to make it more balanced. :)

Thank you for your praise of the katanas, the next test will open the weapon upgrade system, and some weapons can get the alt_attack mode by upgrading.

Dash is a very important skill in HH, because many enemies in HH are very high speed (especially above hard difficulty), dash is a very good ability to stay away from enemies or to get closer to the enemies killed or dodge Projectile. Above HARD difficulty, the dash is very useful for dealing with enemies that have a lot of melee damage, and the cooling time is not long. When you are used to using dashes, you will find it very very sweet :)

The spider is really a headache, and you will get a new weapon in the next level, which is very useful for dealing with spiders. The katanas are also one of the best weapons to kill spiders, because the melee attack of the katanas is an AOE attack :)  You guessed it, there is indeed a huge version of the next level. : D

In fact, I haven't started to deal with the optimization problem yet. Sorry about the low fps. Thank you for reminding me! The overall optimization of the display will start in due course.

Thanks again for such detailed feedback!

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There's potential here! firstly with movement it feels clunky in the way that acceleration in the movement is too fast. when you land a jump your it feels like velocity immediately goes to 0.  I think a little bit of deceleration would be nice. 

also agree with others, gun enemy should have projectile not line trace.

needs quicksave button ! on dying nothing happened for me, no click to start over. 

Difficulty jump from medium to hard seems too much. medium is a bit easy. 

I like this game though, even though its dark aesthetic I think its too much brown

Thanks for your feedback! I am working on a new version with a new tutorial level will release in a few days, It will fix some movement issue. And gunner will launch projectiles. Thanks again!

Giving the gun zombies a slower more visible projectile that can actually be avoided (think how dusk gave the soldier enemy dudes a bullet with actual visible travel time) would be a welcome change or like someone else suggested a more obvious windup animation would be a good change

As an early monster, a gunman with a hit rate of 100% seems too powerful. The gunner will be changed to projectiles, and the 100% hit rate will be set on certain special monsters. Thanks!

I played about 1.5 levels til I died. Grat job. Could do with some music and some more items in the boxes. Ill have a gameplay video on my youtube channel tomoz.

Cant want!

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Played through the first two-ish levels. Here are some of my gameplay suggestions for you (just my opinions):

  • Use more enemies that are projectile-based, or at least not 100% accurate. There’s no reason to even dash, since no matter what I’ll be shot by the starter gun zombies.
  • Enemies should be stunned when shot/damaged. It is frustrating for enemies to just tank through damage.
  • The melee attack combo feels too slow for me. Maybe let the player do each swing one click at a time, or charge up a big swing.
  • Reloading on the pistols every 24(?) shots felt like taking away control from the player. If there was a reload key, it wasn’t R. I would prefer no reloads, but that is preference.
  • Finally, autosaves throughout each level would help ease some frustrations with progression for those who aren’t saving at every step. Overall, good job so far, amazing art too!

I don't think 100% accurate enemies are necessarily bad, at least you should get enough warning before they shoot. I'm thinking of vortigaunts.

True, a big telegraph like with the Vortigaunts in HL1 would help ease the perfect accuracy, if it were to be kept in this game.

Thanks! Gunner will launch projectiles next update. 

Thanks to your suggestions.the gunner will launch projectiles in the next update.They are too strong now. In the future, canceling the pistol reloading would be an option for weapon upgrades.Thanks again :)

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Have you ever thought about Selling this on Steam ?
also, C should be Crouching too

Not now, but will sell on steam in the future, you can change your custom key setting when Options menu is ready. :)

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10/10 THIS MY VOTE .. love retro! and want full story :D 

Thank you ! Awesome!And you hold katana, you can press 'Q' to combine and throw it out. 

Off to an awesome start! Guns feel good to use, enemies are fun to shoot, and the levels look great. I really like the atmosphere so far. My immediate concerns are the input issue that Hakita mentioned as well as ranged enemies. The game seems to run smoothly when I'm standing still and moving forward, but whenever I move the mouse to look around, it becomes jittery. I have mouse sensitivity at maximum and I still can't turn as fast as I'd like; this might be related to the first problem that Hakita described, however.

I understand the design philosophy of making hitscan ranged enemies that will hit the player 100% of the time with line of sight, as classic games did do that. I disagree that modern games should still have them - DUSK and Amid Evil do just fine without it, and the ranged enemies in those games are still a threat. When you walk into a room and see zombie gunmen in the middle of several melee zombies it's tedious, because you immediately have to move *backwards* instead of *forwards*. Moving towards the enemies is fun and encourages you to strafe around and use the combat arena of a room. Moving backwards encourages you to lure enemies into a chokepoint and pick them off as they come through, then play "peekaboo" with the ranged zombies until you finish them off, which isn't as much fun. You can't play aggressively in Hell Hunt without getting shot several times and losing a lot of your health, especially on Hard mode. 

If you intend on keeping the ranged enemies as they are in Hell Hunt, I strongly suggest making them A) shoot less often, and B) give them a delay on how fast they shoot when they spot the player. If they see the player, make sure they can't shoot for at least a second or two so the player has time to find cover. I took a lot of damage in this demo that couldn't be avoided because I couldn't react fast enough and didn't know where the ranged zombies were, which did not feel fair.

With all that said, Hell Hunt is showing a lot of promise already, and I love the sound design especially - those pistols are awesome! With some more polish on the control input and a change to make ranged enemies less tedious, this could be really great. Keep up the good work!

Thank you very much for such detailed feedback. It really helped me a lot. I just updated a version to see if I can change the problem of mouse shake. Regarding GUNNER, it may indeed be a big threat for players. I have significantly reduced GUNNER's damage and fire frequency. I will continue to see if I can find a balance between fun and difficulty. Thanks a lot! 

Could you help download the latest version and see if the mouse issue is resolved?

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Nice visuals indeed, the gameplay though needs work. It really bothered me that I couldn't  dodge the ranged enemies. Menu felt abit clunky when saving. The melee weapon didnt really work for me at all. There were times when it left me completely defenceless due to long time it took to get it back after throwing. The super shotgun felt really nice, good job on that.

Its a nice start though so keep working on it x)

Could you tell me the saving issue in detail? Those ranged enemies have been reduced their damage and fire frequency in the latest version. Thank you for the feedback!

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Righto! Its not a huge thing but would really be nice if you could just click on the spot you wish to save (or double click) instead of just first clicking the spot then the save button :) Also the game doesnt seem to pause when youre in pause menu. Also quick saving would be nice to have.

Got you:) Will continue to add humanized design in development. Thanks! 


Beautiful visuals but the gameplay needs a lot of work in my opinion. The game seems to check for mouse and keyboard inputs at a lower frequency than the refresh rate (possibly in FixedUpdate) which makes turning incredibly jittery and jerky and movement feel unresponsive. The ranged enemies seem to have 100% accuracy regardless of what the player is doing, making fighting them feel like a chore. Clicking once with the sword causes 3 swings, etc.

Your art is great but please take the time to polish the gameplay. It's what players will be doing 95% of the time.

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