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short game but i enjoyed it for what it was 


Прикольно .. но звук просто капец.

So good man! Congrats on finishing and I look forward to seeing more! 

Good to hear!

Something like this would be a dream game to make! You are a very talented individual, this is probably one of my most enjoyable experiences here on Itch. Good job!

Thanks for this mate:D

Pretty sweet game nice work what in the game took the most amount of time to create?

Painting sprites and level design

Fun game.  Can't find the key to progress in the first level.

Turn right after opening the second door in level 1, the key room is right there.

Sounds good.  I'll try again and look for it.  Thanks for showing me.

Really cool game. I love it :)

Good to hear, thanks!


Very cool! Smooth and fun

Thanks for the vid!

wondering if this is a previous used crosshair

Yep, how did you get this;D

I just look up into the sky and I found it XD, don't know why it's there XD

Damn, you found my easter egg XD


Good, clean, smooth, fun. Loved every second of it! Amazing work!!


I haven't play the actual game but this is a very simple, fun and cool, a nice sequel to the actual game but WHERE IS MY KATANAAAAAA XD, also I notice that pressing e is the same as pressing esc or tab so I end up thinking it crashes in fact it did a couple of time, a download version would also be good, I haven't play the old games like dooms or wolfenstein, but it feels like it so good job :D.

Thank you for the report! I just fixed the E key issue, it no longer triggers the function as ESC and Tab.


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wow this is really cool, kinda like doom in a way

(the older doom)




Good game and nice prequel to the original game. Congrats!

Thanks for the vid! <3

Sweet, simple, clean. But bruh where's my bonus double katana stage. Don't tease me like that.


Nice game! Enemies are a bit too bullet sponchy for my taste


Great artwork in this one. I noticed my crosshair-setting went missing after each map though and the invert mouse setting is the other way round.

That bug has been fixed in the latest build! Thanks for your report!

This game is great! The sprites are gorgeous and the game feels good to control. My only complaint is that I experienced a bug where I could get shot through a wall. 


That bug has been fixed, thank you for the report!


This was really fun, though I was really wanting a cross-hair of some kind.

Press Esc, and changing the crosshair on/off :)

This is great! Short and sweet!

I do like the crunchy gameboy sprites; though, I did find myself turned around in the levels a few times as a result. 

Great style. Really cool idea! I would like a .gb file also but understand it wasnt meant for an actual gameboy. Wishful thinking

can we get a downloadable version? 

I would also much prefer a downloadable version. It should just be a .gb file so it shouldn't be much of an issue I hope.

It says made with Unity fyi, not actually a gameboy game, just artistically styled. No gb could do framerates this good.


Yep, it's no actually a .gb game.

Maybe I would release a downloadable build when I added more content to it.



This game is great, man. I had a lot of fun blasting my way through it. Thanks, dude!


Thanks for the vid.... again XD

Satisfying shotty, chaingun goes brrr... Really dig the design and fluidity, that was really fun!

Good to hear!

Incredible work! I love the enemy spritework especially.



Wow, will there will a Windows release?



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