A Gameboy style FPS. Game jam #7DFPS and #procjam project I made it in 7 days. 

Back in 1991, my game Hellhunt released its GB version, a total of 3 levels, 3 weapons. Check it now, let's get the feel about what FPS might look like in 1991.

3 weapons:

Dual pistol:

Super Shotgun:


W/A/S/D......... Movement
1/2/3 ......... Switch Weapon
LMB ........ Shooting
Space ........ Interaction
Esc / Tap ........ Options

That's all you need to know.
Have fun.

8-bit music is from DavidOburke.

Maybe I will make it to be a full game:)

Follow me here:  https://twitter.com/T19gs


Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
GenreAction, Shooter
Made withUnity
Tags1-bit, FPS, Game Boy, Pixel Art, Retro


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please make it downloadable its rlly cool

can't switch weapons

Man this crazy and Hella fun to play .. and I can't wait till a Windows release with multiplayer... All the best Developers

the gun sounds are drastically louder than the other noises but otherwise a really good Doom-like short

I gotta state the obvious, its a lot like doom, but its also really good dude, thanks for making it. its is epic.


REminds me of classic fps. like 90's with modern control

Very vey awesome. thank you for making this

Very fun! Nice job!


d00m ripof!!!111 1 star :>:(

Why is this game so cool. Love This game

Had a blast! Love these old retro style shooters, gave me real Doom vibes, left me wanting more! Keep up the amazing work and left a follow! Game is second in the video

Great game, loved the music! :)

Very cool little game, can't wait to check out Dread Templar soon. The aesthetic looks so cool in a shooter like this, would have liked a bit more difficulty or even a boss fight at the end, but for a game jam game it's really fun. Has me really wishing for a full game that looks like this. Included it in this video for slightly more in-depth thoughts

Nice little Wolfenstein 3d-like. A bit too easy, and the difficulty didn't really increase since just throwing more of the same enemies really wasn't a thread unless you only had the handguns.


very nice, for once solid+decent fps in unity.

really fun, hope you can destroy the boxes and stuff. 


will we be able to install this game?

Olá pode trazer um apk para Android??

broooooooooooo kinda cool game

it owud be REALY coll if you coud use the katana

Yes, you can:)

an excellent game. maybe add different music tracks on each level would be better

Very fun little shooter, good job! If you kept working on it, I can easily see the option for various difficulties by only tweaking damage and pickup frequency too. Impressed by the level design and polish since it was made in 7 days.


how i download


u can't, u play in bowser

Really cool game,i liked style,i feel nostalgia,its remembered me about Doom 5\5

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hello mr developer

@T19Games, I tried your game and it is a real gem. I visited your twitter and I realized that I change the HELLHUNT game to Dred Templar and the truth is that the latter is much better than the other ... but always for some reason I was more on the side of retro pixel games that is why I'd be pretty excited if at least Hellhunt could download


Hey there! I closed the download link because I am preparing the new demo for the upcoming EA version, you can play it in months.:) Stay tuned my twitter, thank you!

That is an incredible surprise ... thank you !!


Oh god i hope that dose not mean Electronic Art. that graveyard for good ideas, exceptional studios.

One of worst evils of gaming past and present.

Looking forth to the new version .)



I loved it, I even finished it


Glorious graphics and gameplay. Nice and short, just the length it needed to be. Love the minigun. DAKKA DAKKA!

Very nice!

game engine?



good game, download?

amazing job!

🏆 Insanely good.

The get-the-key-mechanic made me lose the way for a moment, but it wasn't that bad.

No Commentary :) 

Very cool! Love the gray-green aesthetic, definitely giving off original pre-Pocket Game Boy vibes.

this is awesome, really fun :D

Great game!!

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