Demo 0.611h : Manually reload/Dash improvement/Mouse invert option

  • Now you can manually reload pistols and revolver.
  • Dash now has good performance on bumpy ground.
  • Opened the 'Mouse Invert' option.
  • Make the staircase more visible, and add indication signs in the destination area
  • Speed up the dual katanas swing speed.


HellHuntWindows_0.611h(stable version).zip 116 MB
Jun 03, 2020


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These updates have addressed a lot of the issues I ran in the game, I'm really grateful!

  • Dash is now nice and smooth, no sudden "teleport" feeling.
  • Faster sword swing sounds great and increased the DPS, making it a more valuable weapon.
  • Magazine count AND manual reload, great stuff.

I would still like to see a few particular improvements, primarily that hitting Q brings up the jointed throwing blades even if you don't have them out. It's a hassle to swap to blades then hit Q to bring them up.

Also, it'd be nice to have a screenshaker control. With how fast the pistols fire, it can be a bit motion-sickening to have that constant camera "pulse" every time you use them.

Excellent work and keep at it, I'm constantly coming back to this demo and I love seeing that notification of new updates.

Thanks for playing the demo again!!

As a free, a lot of damage long-range weapon, the purpose of this setting is that I do want  to avoid abuse of this feature, but I like the idea if throwing katanas kills a demon, you will get some rewards. 

Being controlled of recoil screen shake in options would be a good idea may be I should add into it. 

Thanks again for your feedback and suggestions!!